About Us

Why The Hub Was Developed

The Hub was developed to bridge the gap between RV manufacturers, suppliers, campgrounds, and the campers we serve, fostering strategic collaboration. It emerged from a need for a unified platform, as existing associations connected the larger sectors, but not the whole. The Hub aims to unite the ecosystem, enhancing growth and success through connection, communication, collaboration, and innovation. We do not replace our amazing associations, but rather we support and extend the vital work they are already doing. While we work through companies, we are a community of individuals.

Who We Are

The Hub defies definition by any single individual or group. It thrives as a collaborative community, where people support one another. As founders, we don’t claim ownership; instead, we act as stewards. Our goal is to provide the technology platform that fosters success across all of the outdoor hospitality ecosystem. We do this by enabling meaningful connections, communication, collaboration, and innovation in a safe, commerce free, distraction free environment.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

As the founders, we like to think there is no such thing as great people. (What?) There are extraordinary people committed to great dreams. When you commit yourself to a great dream, it draws something out of you and helps you become larger than you would become any other way. When you align that dream with the dreams of others, you create the opportunity for unmatched success.

Together, we are an RV & Outdoor Hospitality Community.