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thehub · June 4, 2024
Instructor thehub

Welcome to The Hub For RVers!

At The Hub, we believe that connection, communication, collaboration and innovation makes our entire ecosystem stronger, more resilient, and more successful. Our platform isn’t just another social channel or a repository of educational content. It’s a safe, vetted environment where RVers (campers), campgrounds, and industry professionals—manufacturers, dealerships, technologists, and more—come together to do just that.

No happy with the distractions and constant advertising in Facebook? Concerned about what content to trust on YouTube? Find a home in The Hub’s social connections with our privacy and no ad guarantee. Say goodbye to the wild, wild west of YouTube! Find curated resources, meaningful connections, e-learning courses and webinars, as well as in person events within a community passionate about RVing and camping. Most of all, within The Hub For RVers, you will connect with the right people at the right time to get the right solution, advice, or guidance to make sure we all keep RVing and camping successfully.

Our goal is to explore, learn, and thrive together!

Who is this presentation for?

  • This presentation is for anyone who is a “want-to-be” RVer
  • This presentation is for anyone who is already an RVer
  • This presentation is for anyone who has struggled to get the right answers at the right time to RVing questions, concerns, and benefits.

What will you learn?

  • What The Hub for RVers is all about!
  • Who participates in The Hub For RVers!
  • What the guidelines are for particpation.
  • How The Hub For RVers can benefit all of us.


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