All About The Hub-For Industry Employees

thehub · May 25, 2024
Instructor thehub

We believe that when we work collaboratively and all consolidate our messaging that we amplify our voice. By amplifying our voice, we can achieve our common goal of keeping people camping. This is a short presentation designed around just that. We welcome your comments. Feel free to click through the presentation at your own pace. You can stop and return to it at any time.

Who is this presentation for?

  • Anyone working in the RV Industry including manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and individual wanting to work within any of these areas.
  • Anyone working in outdoor hospitality including park owners, managers, park staff, new developers, those in finance and any of their suppliers.
  • Associations and educational organizations working within the RV & Outdoor Hospitality Community

What will you learn?

  • What The Hub is all about!
  • Who participates in The Hub!
  • What the guidelines are for particpation.
  • How The Hub can benefit all of us.

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