Leadership & Culture: Series with Jason Lippert, CEO

thehub · May 19, 2024
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Are you a campground owner or manager, a dedicated state association staff member, or an RV industry professional desiring to improve your leadership skills or learn how culture can impact your organization? If so, this course is tailor-made for you!

Led by Jason Lippert, this is a topic that he is passionate about and has seen the evidence of it’s value in his own organization.

Jason D. LippertPresident & Chief Executive Officer

JASON D. LIPPERT, became Chief Executive Officer of the Company effective May 10, 2013, and has been Chief Executive Officer of Lippert since February 2003. He has over 20 years of experience with LCII and its subsidiaries, and has served in a wide range of leadership positions.

Lippert Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the RV industry. They provide highly engineered components to a wide range of customers, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end consumers. If you have been in the industry long, you are aware of the impact of this company on our ecosystem. Lippert also Their extensive roll call of RV brands includes CURT (hitches), Furrion (appliances), Duncan Systems (windshields), Girard (awnings), HappiJac (bed-lifting mechanisms), Luverne (grille guards), Solera (fabric solutions), Thomas Payne (furniture), and more3This course is a series of conversations with Jason Lippert. Jason has led culture change at Lippert over the past decade with tremendous success. Lippert is one of the largest supplies of components to the RV Industry and represents many brands under their umbrella. Within this giant ecosystem, they touch every aspect of our community.

Who Should Take This Course?
  • Campground Owners, Managers, and aspiring leaders: Discover how creating a culture for your campground can improve effective team management and enhance communication skills.
  • RV Industry Professionals: Identify how understanding the culture you have impacts not only your staff but the consumers that you serve. Allow this understanding to impact your decision making skills to grow retention and relationships across the entire ecosystem.
  • State Association Staff: Successful associations build successful teams. By understanding your culture, you can better equip your members to meet the needs of the camper as well as empower them with problem solving skills to improve operational efficiencies.

Why Take This Course?

For busienss owners and managers, such courses are not just about personal development; they’re about cultivating a thriving environment that resonates with the values of collaboration, innovation, and unity—key aspects that you, as a member of our community, already strive to emphasize in your work. By investing in leadership and culture training, professionals and rising leaders can ensure they are well-equipped to lead their teams and provide memorable experiences for their customers and guests, ultimately contributing to the growth and improvement of the RV industry ecosystem.

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