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C O M I N G - S O O N !

One Place-All Event Types-One Private & Public Portal

If you are an RVer and want one place to find all of the event types below, it’s coming!

If your event planner, then our new tool will help you save time and energy. Our Event Planner Portal allows you to sign in and research our entire database of events. As others plan their events, they enter them into the Event Portal.

Each event has 4 stages / 3 Statuses:


  • Research – This stage is when you, the event planner, can search to find the perfect date and location for your event. During this time, you can readily see all events, regardless of the stage they are in. The benefit to this is that you can see if other events are happening at the same time or in the same area that could either compete with or complement your event. True to The Hub’s commitment, this allows you to connect, communicate, and collaborate with other event planners as you need to before making a final decision.
  • Planning– The planning stage takes you to the first which is “Planning” of course. You can select several dates and mark them as potentials. The planning status indicates that you “think” you may do an event during these dates, but you have not confirmed anything yet.
  • Scheduled– Once you have confirmed your dates and locations, you change your status to Scheduled. This indicates to you and others that you have made deposits, and the event is hard planned. However, it is still not public!
  • Published– Now that you have all your marketing ready, approvals have all been gathered, resources are aligned, you can change your status to Published. This lets everyone know that it is okay to talk about this event and it also puts the event onto our Public Events calendar.

Here’s some other important things to know:


  • Each planner in the Event Portal signs a non-disclosure agreement indicating they will not discuss any events until they are in the Published status unless it is with another planner they are coordinating with.
  • Events can be both Public and Private. If they are marked as Private, they will not show up for anyone but the planner.
  • There is a place to embed a payment link to your favorite events app, but if you don’t have one, we do! We can help you set it up so that any funds go directly to you, and we do not take any portion of the revenue.
Other features and benefits:
  • Have you ever needed to find a campground as a location for a rally and or event and didn’t know where to start? Coming soon is an integration to Spot2Nite. This integration will allow event planners to search in real-time for campgrounds with the right number of vacant spots (because it is looking live at their booking software) and do “Quick Check” by geographic location of parks that are offering spots for rallies and when they most hope to engage you.
  • Campgrounds can use this feature to post all their events at no charge to increase awareness and occupancy.
  • The Events Portal is not just for physical events. You can also list your digital events as well.

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