The Hub is the first online portal where those working to serve the camping community and those participating in outdoor hospitality (camping & RVing) can connect, communicate on vital topics, collaborate on initiatives, and creatively innovate. This includes three different but distinct groups: those who participate in the making of recreational vehicles, those who operate the campgrounds, and the outdoor enthusiasts whether they be RVers or campers. 

To get started you just need to create an account and choose one of our membership options below. Make sure to complete as much of the profile as possible. This will enhance your experience in The Hub. 

You will find subject matter experts, industry leaders, and boots-on-the-ground staff that come from each of the following areas: Campgrounds, Associations, Manufacturers, Promoters & Media, and Suppliers. Each of these sectors of our ecosystem play a vital part in the success of the industry that we love. You will also find want to be campers & RVers, new to RVing individuals, and some of those more seasoned RVers who are great resources and mentors. You will also find some of your favorite content creators and influencers.

For those working in the industry, participating in The Hub is an exciting career journey that starts with connecting you with others from across our ecosystem. Once you are connected you can then begin to have meaningful communications. This allows you to speak the “outdoor hospitality language” more fluidly and therefore improve understanding. Because you can now connect and communicate, you will be able to collaborate. Collaboration is the key to future growth. Getting feedback, wisdom, and knowledge from others helps us to make better decisions and move forward collectively. We are stronger together than we are apart. Finally, as we connect, communicate, and collaborate, the natural result of this will be creative innovation. All industries must innovate and grow to remain relevant. That means that YOU must do the same. The Hub is here to serve you in your career growth by proving all these things and supplementing them with amazing educational opportunities from the best of the best.

As an RVer, you will find ways to connect with other RVers as well as those in the industry. All connections are permissive. This means that much like Facebook; you choose who you want to connect with and when. The benefits for the RVer all focus on how and who we connect, communicate, collaborate, and innovate with. All industry professionals within The Hub are vetted and chosen. All content is also vetted. There is no “commerce” that happens in The Hub and no distracting ads. It is designed specifically for education communication. Other benefits include the ability to use our Direct Connect and other tools to get answers from those in the industry who can help you when needed and find opportunities to collaborate and innovate, therefore helping to direct the future!

The Hub was created to resolve connectivity issues within our entire ecosystem. In the past, the RV manufacturers and suppliers lived in one world and campgrounds lived in another. Each was aware of the other but not strategically working together. At the same time, industry leaders were realizing that connecting with RVers was extremely valuable. The trend towards engaging Ambassadors started and showed great promise. But at the same time, communication became more complex. Our team, all with backgrounds in technology and community building began looking for platforms that already existed for this. We found none. And so the idea of The Hub was born.

As far as we know, there are associations and platforms that connects large sectors but not our ecosystem as a hold.

Our goal is to provide that platform. In doing so, as we connect, communicate, collaborate, and innovate together as one ecosystem, we will all grow and succeed. You can learn more about each of our objectives below.

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