Finding Community

What To Expect

Hidden behind these pages is a vibrant community of individuals who work in the RV & Outdoor Hospitality Community. We respect the privacy of our members but if you join The Hub here’s a hint of what you will find.

Note: Below are example images only.

Inside The Hub, you will find many others like you who are working either in our campgrounds or in our manufacturing plants. That could be people who work for Winnebago, Alliance, Lippert, and many others. It could also be campground managers, activity coordinators, maintenance staff & security, all working in our campgrounds. Finally, it could be people who support our industry like those who provide products, services, and technology as well as our valued associations. It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you end up! Your career path can be so much richer if you can connect with others from our entire ecosystem.



You will also find groups that you can participate in. There are many types of groups and categories. Groups are like Facebook Groups. They are used to connect participants in courses, connect “birds of a feather” individuals as well as organize opportunities. Groups can also link to Forums and more.


Forums are like groups on steroids! Forums allow you to create topics of discussion and that way you can easily find the things that you are interested in without having all the “noise” within a group.