Who is involved in The Hub and what do people do who join?

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    Beyond the basic explanation of the webiste and the FAQ’s, sometimes we just want to have more info, the kind you can get from person to person referrals or conversations. This discussion forum is for just that. There are people in this group forum who helped create this platform. They are campers, RV Industry experts, and campground operators. This is an open forum. You do not have to be a member to communicate with others in this forum. Because of this we ask that you please be respectful of each other. Here is the answer to the question from our owners and staff. The Hub is a collection of individuals who work in and are passionate about the outdoor hospitality industry, from start to finish. There are those who design units, build units, support those endeavors, repair them and more. Next we have those that sell the units to the consumers. Then there are those who provide spaces to take our RV’s and camp. They are the boots on the ground and the heart of our ecosystem. There are association members, regulatory partners, and even technology geeks. The one thing we all have in common is the desire to make this an ever growing, innovative community serving campers. Now to the second part, what do people do? They connect with others. They start conversations and communicate on the funny, the challenging, and the innovate. Because we can connect and communite, collaboration is a natural next step. They share ideas, experiences. They learn, they improve their skills, and they build friendships and relationships. This builds trust. So…. they then innovate. They solve today’s challenges and improve tomorrows options. Now, what are you looking for and how can you add to this collective?

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