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Opportunities can be created by Industry and Campground staff as well as by Subject Matter Experts. They can also be created by content creators and Youtubers. We do not allow RVers to create opportunities at this time.

Opportunities are the heart of The Hub because this is where true collaboration and innovation occurs. Initially the idea of Opportunities was restricted to members working in the RV and Campground Industries. As far as we know, there has never been a platform that allows those who build RV’s to connect with those who work in the Outdoor Hospitality Industry (Campgrounds). There are many great associations, some of which you will find here in The Hub, but there was no bridge or technology that allowed this to happen efficiently and effectively. This was the first “problem” that we at The Hub wanted to solve. 

There was also other “industry” challenges and many of us who worked with campgrounds felt that they could be solved in campgrounds…. if only there was an easy way to connect to groups of people who didn’t readily see the connection.

This is why and how the idea of The Hub was born.

Here are some challenges / opportunities that we are currently facing as of June 2024:

  • There is only one RV Technician to every four thousand units on the road. Solution: Train new individuals and work with campgrounds to provide “tech-amping” opportunities. (3 Way Win!)
  • RVers face repair delays often when traveling due to the need for shipping replacement parts. Solution: Work with campgrounds in strategic locations to store parts for Mobile Technicians to pick up as needed. (3 Way Win)
  • New owners face a steep learning curve when they make their first purchase and often sales staff are limited in time. Solution: Dealerships work with campgrounds to offer “Maiden Voyage” events where more time can be spent in group sessions at campgrounds on the basics of RV Use. (3 Way Win)

We could go on and one.

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