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What a great blog post this week from RVShare on the benefits of joining the RV Community. It was posted originally back in January 2024 but was repurposed via one of their emails this week. I could not have said it better, so I am putting a link here for you to review.

Community shows up in so many places in our extended community. This particular post has to do with the community built by RVers and campers. When I first started RVing, RVillage was the place to go to meet and connect with others and it was invaluable to us. 

As valuable as that was, being able to connect with the greater community is going to have an even bigger impact. 

Where are some places where expanded communities show up?

  • RVShare has a community of RVers who rent their own units so that others can experience the great outdoors and more.
  • Lippert has a community called “Lippert Scouts” that is comprised of lots of RVers who are boots on the ground in the campground and among their peers testing and gathering feedback on Lippert products.
  • Spacious Skies Campground has created a community around those who love to camp in their multiple parks.
  • The Hub is developing a new community of RVers who will help to direct and improve the camping experience across multiple channels and at their own level of participation. As a side benefit, they will connect with others within our extended community for fun as well.
Here’s the link to the great article from RVShare:
The Benefits of Joining the RV Community for Travel Enthusiasts

Note: Steve Manes with RVShare is one of our valued SME’s.

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