We are made with a desire to understand our part, figure out how we fit it, and identify our purpose. We are happiest when these questions are answered, and we are operating inside of the answers. Yet only some find this happiness.

Interestingly this is true for individuals, companies, organizations, and even our wonderful outdoor hospitality family. We are still campers, factory workers, dealership salespeople, and campground operators. We for the most part, still work in silos and don’t see the bigger picture.

But we are truly like various parts of our body. Each part gets its meaning and purpose from the body as a whole. Focusing on our part is important and meaningful, but seeing how we fit into the whole is inspirational, exciting, and even challenging (in a good way!).

We only learn who we are in relationships with each other. We only learn our true part when we participate in the entire community.  This means that to truly know who we are and understand our purpose, we must connect across sectors. That is why The Hub is a calling for those of us who have worked on this project. Each of the parts of our ecosystem is critical. We are different, and we have different purposes, but we come together just like the parts of our physical body. We begin to understand how we impact each other and that we cannot be in this alone! We are stronger together. And when we act together, magic happens.

Over the past several years, there have been deliberate, strategic, and purposeful efforts to connect. Those working in manufacturing have begun to foster connections and communicate with those working in campgrounds. Campgrounds have begun to reach out and work with dealerships. And as these things have happened, so has the magic. Our value started being uncovered and we are now seeing our purpose and identity differently. It is becoming apparent WHO we are and HOW big our ecosystem is. 

So here is the truth I want to leave you with today. When there is a lot of uncertainty, don’t go it alone. As parts of the greater ecosystem don’t try to figure out solutions on your own, in your little sector. Reach out and work together as one ecosystem, solving challenges and creating opportunities as a whole. The load will be lighter and the opportunity to overcome exponentially greater.

The Hub is just a shell framed up by code and technology. But with each of you, we are one body, one community, one ecosystem, that can tackle challenges, find opportunities, and change the course of our future together! The Hub can provide the framework to connect, communicate, collaborate, and innovate. Each of you must bring life to the framework.

Hub Tip: Are you facing a challenge and are not sure what path to take, check out our Subject Matter Experts, and join their group for quick answers and advice.

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