Maximize your site rate:

Feel confident to book every site by using technology to update your rate plans using dynamic pricing. Supercharge your strategy with real-time insights using business intelligence reporting coupled with awareness of events in your area that can drive rates as well. The combination of rate-yielding and dynamic pricing creates a proven method of maximizing your income.

Find the Right Campers

Expand your reach by targeting the right guests. If you need to, have a professional do an analysis of your repeat customers or “frequent campers”. Take economics into consideration by target market type. Don’t make general assumptions. Determine how to appeal to their “felt needs” and address them in your marketing.

Boost guest spend:

Optimize your guest spending, find new ways to engage guests, auto-send personalized promos and upsell offers, and scale and grow your ancillary income opportunities to suit your park.

Optimize your time:
Access everything in one place. Choose technology that has true “API” integrations so that there is no dual entry and no waiting for things to process. Set up automated communications, payments, and reminders. Use business intelligence reporting that lets you make decisions in real-time. Work with signaling tools that alert you when your measurables are above or below what your expected tolerances are so you are not tied to a computer all day.

Build relationships:

While many continue to try and lump the outdoor hospitality industry in with our cousins (hotels and glamping), we are very different. How often does a guest enter a hotel and get greeted by the manager and staff by their first name? While your memory may not be perfect, the notes in your PMS system can be. Note important things about your guests with each interaction and “remember” these things when they return. When you can build real relationships. A recurring guest has a lower cost and higher revenue than trying to find new guests.

If you don’t know how to do all of these things, join one of our groups or ask one of our subject matter experts. We are happy to share the wisdom of years of experience with you. We also have lots of courses that could be of assistance that are free with your membership.

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