"If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!"

I have been chasing dreams my whole life. I think I was created with an imagination that never turns off. Even in my sleep, my imagination continues in vivid colors. (Which I am told is unusual.) If you know me, you know I am a person of faith. It is hard not to weave that into expressing how I feel and what I want to convey.  I have tried sometimes, but then it never comes out as it should. This has been a faith journey!

I am a camper and an RVer. Yes, there is a difference, and yes you can be both. I have been inspired for many years now by the outdoor hospitality sector (campgrounds) and after working with the RV manufacturing and supplier side of our ecosystem, I was inspired to do something that I did not see happening.


This website and mobile app are the result of that!


I was inspired to create something that would connect the RV Industry and “my” campgrounds. It’s been fun, and scary, and frustrating, and scary! (Did I say scary twice? That was on purpose!) 

This week, right as we soft launch this “dream”, I was reminded of why I followed my heart and my dream. I got a physical picture of who my dream will serve and a reminder of why I have chased this dream. I saw my dream in reality!

We attended the Alliance RV National rally in Elkhart, IN. The campground was full of suppliers, manufacturers, campground employees (and not just the one we were in), and of course RVers. I watched the process of connection, communication, collaboration, and innovation come to life. I saw the entire “body” of our ecosystem working perfectly together. It was so beautiful, I cried.

So maybe you are thinking, this has been happening forever and it happens many times throughout the year and you are right. But what if it could happen year-round, in real-time, and in a safe environment without distraction?

That is my dream for The Hub and The Hub for RVers. Through technology, we have a tool that can connect us all, in real-time, so that we can better serve each other. When we serve each other, we are stronger and can achieve more.

This picture was taken at the event. I am in there somewhere. But it is my dream in picture form, even the statement. “We are Allies!” It has so much more meaning to me now. So many of those in the picture have encouraged me along this journey, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation.


As we launch, my prayer is that each person who finds their way into The Hub, will know the joy that I have felt as we created this, for all of you!

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